OECD and GEMS Education outline new plan at the Government Summit in Dubai


GEMS Education is supporting the UAE Government’s and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developments (OECD) attempts to encourage Dubai nationals to supply their skillsets to the country’s increasingly competitive labour market. The five-point programme is based on key findings in the recent Better Schools, Better Jobs, Better Lives report.

Dino Varkey, Group Executive Directory & Board Member at GEMS Education, said it is a step-by-step scheme to recognise challenges, create solutions and make all the resources needed as available as possible. He said: “Skills have become the hard currency of our global marketplace. It is essential that stakeholders across UAE’s public and private sector support a cohesive action plan.”

The 5-steps in the report are –

Step 1 – Identify individuals who are not active in the country’s labour force and determine why they’re inactive.
Step 2 – The Government is to help ease the challenges faced by women, including constraints from family care obligations, to offer them more employment opportunities.
Step 3 – Support disabled people and encourage them to join the workforce.
Step 4 – Ensure stakeholders tackle unemployment and proactively encourage younger people to join the workforce.
Step 5 – Discourage early retirement and actively help senior workers to remain active later into life.

The report also goes into detail about how the UAE can create more jobs by encouraging entrepreneurship. The government hopes to help nurture and inspire potential businessmen by teaching entrepreneurship in schools and build a culture that encourages people to start a company.

“The process is quite clear,” Mr. Varkey said. “Getting the best returns on our investment in developing the country’s skillsets requires that we determine where we are now, then look ahead and determine which skills will be most valuable in the years and decades to come. Developing and using those skills effectively will lead to better jobs, a better economy, and will be key to realising the goals outlined in the UAE Vision 2021 plan.”