The 10 most heart-warming celebrations for teachers.


With only 50 finalists left in the running for the first ever Global Teacher Prize the students of these inspirational figures have come out in celebration of what can be achieved if you truly love and believe in your work.

Here’s our top 10 heart-warming moments…

10) When news Hanan Al-Madaheen from Jordan made it into the top 50 finalists one of her former students sent this touching and honest message to her. Read this lovely summary of how diligent this Hanan is below –

9) Kiran Bir Sethi from India was given a 2-minute video made by her students about what impact she’s made on their lives. It was impossible for them to say everything in 120 seconds so you can read more about why they appreciate her hard work here.


8) Music teacher Melissa Morris from America had a song composed in her honour after making the final 50! Move aside One Direction, we’ve got a new favourite song on our iPod…

7) Dilek Livaneli from Turkey was given the unusual honour of having her congratulatory messages printed in 20 boards around the city including at bus stops. Her story is there to inspire and motivate people on their commute to work.

6) Gary Koppelman from America has his community show their support and pride in his work and achievement in getting to the final 50 they put up a massive billboard in his honour. It was placed next to a major highway that runs through his home town.

5) Souad Belcaid from Morocco got this card from one of her students which made all her hard work and late nights worth it.

4) Hajarivony Faly from Madagascar sent us this video of his school (Lycee Prive Mpanefa Iraka) holding a mass party to celebrate him getting into the final 50. Grab your dancing shoes, it’s time to party!

3) Hanan Al-Madaheen from Jordan received a touching drawing from her niece after reaching the top 50 finalists. Hanan told us that her niece wants to be a physics teacher when she grows up! Look out for her at the Global Teacher Prize 2040!

2) César Bona from Spain was given small simple slips of paper from his students that contained heart-warming and loving messages after reaching the top 50 finalists. In our opinion he’s already won a great prize.

1) Randa Abdul Aziz from Jordan was surprised and delighted to the point of tears when she school came together to chat and cheer her making the top 50 finalists. You might want to get your tissues ready before watching this one…